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This internship program provides hands-on experience working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, where trainees will learn about food and beverage operations, customer service, and management. The program is designed to offer trainees a comprehensive understanding of the industry, as well as opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. China is an exciting destination for an internship, with a rich culture, diverse cuisine, and a booming hospitality industry. Trainees will have the chance to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, learn new skills, and build their professional network, making this an invaluable experience for anyone interested in a career in F&B.

Responsible for the ADD, in-room dining, the Chinese restaurant, the Italian restaurant, lobby bar, bar & banquet. The main job responsibility is to give speedy, informed friendly and courteous service to all guests on a regular basis.


  • Suggests food and beverages to be well versed with the menu, method of preparation and accompaniments.
  • Cleans and polishesGlassware, China ware, hollowware and flatware.
  • Maintains cleanliness and mise-en-place level at working station and service pantry for smooth operation.
  • Replenishes supply of linen and other Operating equipment.
  • Obtains requested items from the storeroom.
  • Sets up tables in accordance with Restaurant policy.
  • Establishes effective employee relations and maintain the highest level of professionalism, ethic and attitude towards all hotel guests, clients, heads of department and employees.
  • l may be assigned to perform duties of Room Service or Banquet when needed.
  • l Introduces the drink and upselling, orders and settle the bill for the guests
  • To relay any customer complaints to supervisor


  • 3000 RMB per month
  • Meal - Daily four meals in staff canteen.
  • Accommodation - Hotel will reimburse accommodation allowance monthly RMB2500 (provide invoice).
  • Laundry - Hotel provides staff uniform, and free laundry service only for uniforms.
  • Training & staff activity: Hotel regularly organize various of training and activities.  

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What our interns say

Photos of our Interns in China
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“I was so sad to actually leave China at the end of my internship. I did my internship at Sofitel and had a great time there as well as amazing colleagues. I felt extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do my internship in Qingdao and can't thank Sinacon enough for all their help and support that they provided throughout my stay in China. I would certainly recommend it!
It was remarkable how quick they found a work placement for me. The duration of my internship totally took 5 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. The company where I worked was great, my colleagues were nice and assisted me in any way possible.

Front office intern, 2018
Photo of Our Interns in China
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I worked in the sales department of a Chinese company in Qingdao for 4.5 months and I really enjoyed it. We went to visit the factory in the countryside a couple of times and I was allowed to take part in business meeting in other parts of the province. Apart from getting a real understanding of what is the difference in the approach to business, I also got a wonderful taste of a completely new culture. In China just everything is different. The food, the people, just everything. The Sinacon team was very, very helpful during the entire time. from the airport pickup to the translation of my internship certificate from Chinese to English. Thank you, I will be back in China for sure!

Sales interns in Qingdao, 2019
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6 months
3000 RMB per month
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