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China is not only a different country - it is a whole different world. We help you boost your CV by offering life-changing business internships in the world's most exciting economy!

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We absolutely love our interns and we believe they are the best ones to confirm the effort we put into making their China experience a success!

Neo from Sri Lanka
Interned in Anhui

I am working at the concierge, in the front office. It was my agency company that helped me a lot to find this great place. My agency company was Sinacon China. So, first they introduced me to this hotel and after that I took my interview with my human resources director. I would like to use this moment to thank my agency company Sinacon China and especially my agent, Mr Jimmy, for finding me this great place.

Katie from the UK
Interned in Beijing

Hello, ni hao! My name is Katie, I am a UK student and I am just finishing a two month internship with Sinacon. I had a great experience until now and if you are also thinking about doing an internship in China, then definitely look up Sinacon and see what they can offer you!

Mathieu from Canada
Interned in Shanghai

Hi! My name is Mathieu, I am 20 years old and I am from Canada. Thanks to Sinacon, I was able to have an internship here at the Qube hotel. Working here at the Qube hotel has been amazing - the GM and the staff here have been very warm and welcoming and I can't wait to see what this experience will be me to in the future.

Elisa from France
Interned in Hefei

I come from France, where I am studying for my master degree in tourism and hospitality and I am currently here in Hilton hotel in Hefei city thanks to Sinacon company who gave me this opportunity. I am working as a guest relationship officer so my main task is to ensure all the guests are satisfied with their staying experience. I want to thank Sinacon for this great experience.

How easy is it to get an internship in China?

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1. Resume

Apply to one of our internship opportunities and submit your resume. Our team will be in touch within 48 hours!

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2. Interview

Pass the interview with us and with the company you have applied for. We help you with all the preparation!

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3. Your Adventure

Get your visa and flight sorted - your adventure is about to start. We will pick you up and help you settle!

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China is what you make of it. Sina Careers is here to help YOU make the very best of it!

Let 2023 become your year of opportunities and discoveries in one of the most exciting countries in the world!


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About Sina Careers

With our head office in Qingdao, we work hard to provide you the best internship opportunities. It will be easy for you to get work-experience in China. Whether you are a graduate student or not, together we can find an internship that's just right for you, one that showcases your skills and knowledge. We don't just offer summer internships, no matter what the period, we offer internships that enable you to acquire valuable knowledge but above all give you an international dimension in another cultural environment that is China.
Our experienced international team embodies, like nothing else, the idea of cultural collaboration for mutual benefit and we will stand by your side before, during and after your stay in China.

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Our Vision

To help international students to acquire and strengthen their skills, in a completely new working environment. We want to dispel preconceptions about China, by allowing you to come and discover by yourself the true face of China.

Our Mission

To establish Sina Careers as China’s preferred culture and business exchange partner. We want to offer quality internships that allow you to immerse yourself in the new world around you.

Our Promise

China is what you make it and Sina Careers is here to help you make the very best of it!
We offer enriching internships, with quality partners and, above all, without any risk. We accompany you from start to finish to make your experience in China as pleasant and profitable as possible.

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What our interns say about us

intern in china

“I was so sad to actually leave China at the end of my internship. I did my internship at Sofitel and had a great time there as well as amazing colleagues. I felt extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do my internship in Qingdao and can't thank Sina Careers enough for all their help and support that they provided throughout my stay in China. I would certainly recommend it!

Front office intern, 2021
intern in china

I worked in the sales department of a Chinese company in Qingdao for 4.5 months and I really enjoyed it. We went to visit the factory in the countryside a couple of times and I was allowed to take part in business meeting in other parts of the province. Apart from getting a real understanding of what business is, I also got a wonderful taste of a completely new culture.

Sales interns in Qingdao, 2018
intern in china

Coming to Qingdao for my internship and not to Shanghai or Peking was a very conscious decision, which I don’t regret. Qingdao is the only city in China with historical German influence still visible today. The city offers everything you would expect. Nightlife, bars, clubs, culture, lots of traffic, however, is still much closer to the “real China” in comparison to the mega-cities.

Sophie Moore
Management intern in Qingdao, 2019
interns in china

Lots of mails where send before I actually moved to China, which made me feel confident to go. Arriving in Qingdao was just a great experience; an airport pick-up was really something comfortable after a long flight. We went to the apartment directly and I felt at home and ready to start a good work placement. My stay was very comfortable with all the services they provide.

Katherine Cutts
BD intern in Qingdao, 2017