HSK Preparation Classes

In our HSK preparation classes, we help students gradually improve their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, at their own pace. At the beginning of your language course you will take a small test, which determines the proficiency of your Mandarin skills. We can then assign you to a class of a suitable level.

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A few numbers that we are proud of


Happy interns

Our interns come from all around the world


Partner companies

China-based companies that fit with your internship requirements


Partner universities

Renowned universities that we work with

Some of our Mandarin learners

Here is a selection of photos with some of our young Mandarin learners having fun during their learning adventure in China.

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Qingdao, Huangdao - The Locational Advantage

Sina Careers is an official partner of the Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, where foreign investment is heavily subsidised. This allows access to an extensive network of partner companies, both foreign and domestic. Qingdao is continuously chosen as China's most liveable city by the China Urban Competitiveness Ranking organisation and attracts millions of tourists every year due to its seaside setting and temperate climate. Beautiful parks, beaches, and both unique German and modern architecture line the shore. The city is both a commercial centre and popular resort area. That's why more and more expats and oversea's students call Qingdao their 'home'.

Our Mandarin teachers

Our Mandarin teachers are truly amazing. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the Chinese language and culture, and are passionate about sharing it with their students. Their teaching style is engaging and interactive, incorporating a variety of activities to keep students motivated and interested.

They are patient and supportive, providing individualised attention to each student to ensure they are progressing at their own pace. Our Mandarin teachers are not only great educators, but also wonderful role models who inspire their students to embrace the language and culture of China. Their dedication to teaching and their students is truly admirable.