F&B Management Trainee Internship - Shanxi province

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An F&B Management Trainee internship in China can be an exciting opportunity for students or recent graduates who are interested in the hospitality industry. As a management trainee, you will be exposed to various aspects of food and beverage management, including customer service, operations, and administration. In China, you will also have the chance to learn about the country's unique culture and cuisine, which can be a valuable experience for those interested in pursuing a career in international hospitality. Throughout the internship, you will work closely with experienced professionals and gain hands-on experience that can help you develop your skills and advance your career.


  • Supervise department standards and procedures manuals listed in the implementation of the specification.
  • Comply with the opening and closing procedures.
  • Comply with the rules of the check-out procedure.
  • Effective presentation is presented to the, to ensure that all employees understand the important guests, special events, daily specials, focus on promoting certain products, etc.
  • In and out more than 80% of the guests.
  • Motivation on-the-job employees provide excellent service for the guest.
  • Complete other work assigned by the leadership of the company.


  • Meal: Hotel will provide complimentary buffet in Cafe Vista, but MTs shall have at least five meals (lunch or dinner)in staff canteen weekly.
  • Accommodation: Hotel will provide complimentary hotel rooms to MTs, two persons will share one room, twice free cleaning service per week, hotel will not provide any guest supplies to their room.
  • Laundry: Uniform, there are extra five pieces free laundry service per week.
  • Health Club: MTs entitle to use hotel gym and swimming pool free, but must avoid the peak operation hours.
  • 3000 RMB per months

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What our interns say

Photos of our Interns in China
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“I was so sad to actually leave China at the end of my internship. I did my internship at Sofitel and had a great time there as well as amazing colleagues. I felt extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do my internship in Qingdao and can't thank Sinacon enough for all their help and support that they provided throughout my stay in China. I would certainly recommend it!
It was remarkable how quick they found a work placement for me. The duration of my internship totally took 5 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. The company where I worked was great, my colleagues were nice and assisted me in any way possible.

Front office intern, 2018
Photo of Our Interns in China
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I worked in the sales department of a Chinese company in Qingdao for 4.5 months and I really enjoyed it. We went to visit the factory in the countryside a couple of times and I was allowed to take part in business meeting in other parts of the province. Apart from getting a real understanding of what is the difference in the approach to business, I also got a wonderful taste of a completely new culture. In China just everything is different. The food, the people, just everything. The Sinacon team was very, very helpful during the entire time. from the airport pickup to the translation of my internship certificate from Chinese to English. Thank you, I will be back in China for sure!

Sales interns in Qingdao, 2019
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6 months
3000 RMB / month
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